In addition to our efforts of reaching as many youth as possible through various community channels, we also provide financial education services to families and individuals seeking to better their understanding of personal financial responsibility and the detrimental role it plays in their lives...

The basics of personal financial responsibility is the foundation of all of our program offerings. Topics discussed and explored include; the importance of credit, how credit works, credit vs. interest, loans & lending, effective budgeting practices, and more....

  • We offer both family and individual adult financial education/coaching sessions

  • Each session is tailored to the information you desire to learn about most

  • For your convenience, we offer day and evening scheduling and can
  • meet you at a site that is local to you

  • All sessions include tip sheets, budget templates, and informational
  • handouts, based on your expressed interests

  • Family and individual sessions are 90 minutes each

  • Family sessions $60 (Up to 5 people)

- Children 8 years+ are encouraged to attend

  • Individual one-on-one sessions $35

  • Special group rates available for employer sponsored workshops

- Call for pricing

"Financial illiteracy in our households has detrimental impacts on us and our children that are often overlooked, disowned, or unspoken of. For instance, financial illiteracy is the leading cause of college dropout. It also perpetuates paralyzing individual debt, and the stress associated with such debt, and often times bring about emotional devastation..."